January 02, 2007

Eight minutes of the New Year - WASTED!

I am not going to write this as a Public Service Announcement, but please consider yourself informed...

I don't want this to be one of those "complaining blogs", but I cannot believe that I wasted eight minutes of the New Year and eight minutes of my life watching this crap!

You know the USA is in trouble when the President has the time to participate in things like the "Barney Cam". I mean, who pays for this garbage? No wonder America is sinking deeper and deeper into debt.

The only moment of light in the whole thing was when Dolly Parton appropriately declared "Oh, I wouldn't have missed this for nothing in the world." You've gotta not hate those double negatives.

So, why did I watch eight minutes of it? It was like a car accident. It was like a plane crash. It was like a drive-by shooting. You see it happening, but it's so awful - so horrific - that you just can't turn away. Not that I've seen a plane crash or a drive-by shooting, but I imagine they would be pretty hard not to watch.

Please don't watch this video. I don't want to be responsible for wasting eight minutes of your life, too.


Anonymous said...

Man, I can't believe I read through that crap :-)

Happy New Year,

Meandering Michael said...

Sorry about that. And it probably took you a lot longer than eight minutes, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Only the first time...