January 08, 2007

Case closed?

I decided to check the status of my case1 with the Canadian Transportation Agency today. They have a handy little feature where you enter your case number and it tells you status of your case; nothing else, just where your case is at. For months, I have been waiting for my case to be assigned.

Today, I noticed that my case was closed on January 4th. Nobody from the CTA ever contacted me regarding the case, which leaves me wondering when or if I will ever hear about why the case has been closed (and if Air Canada is going to have to do anything about the crappy way they treated my Granny - and possibly others in a similar situation.)

Naturally, I sent of a quick note via their online form to enquire...

I filed my complaint (06-50788) on November 1st, 2006. When I looked at the status of my complaint, I noticed it was closed on January 4th, 2007.

Nobody has contacted me regarding this case. I was wondering when, how, or if I will be contacted to explain why the case has been closed.

Thanks for your assistance.

Stay tuned...

1Also available under the tag "Air Canada sucks".

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