December 11, 2006

Tropical Traipsing

I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the number of people who have told me that once I went on a tropical vacation, I would be hooked. I had lots and lots of fun, and I'm glad we went, but I'm not hooked. It was way too hot for me.

This past week, Fawn, Jade and I went to the Dominican Republic for our friends' wedding. I think Jade enjoyed the wide variety of experiences, her little brain working like a sponge. She had a lot of firsts, including her first time in the ocean, which she greatly enjoyed.

Yum. Watermelon.

Jade devours a piece of watermelon.

Is that Nemo? Did I find him?!

A school of fish. Apparently, these fish like to eat oats.

Either the ocean is a warm as a bathtub, or someone just peed.

The the resort was nice and I greatly appreciated the vacation, but I'll be happy to get back home to the land of snow. (The couple of centimetres of snow at my parent's place in Ottawa, which is where we are now, doesn't count.) I like the snow and I've missed it.

I can see how the all-inclusive resort might appeal to some, but I cannot understand why people go back to them vacation after vacation when there are so many beautiful things to see and so any awesome things to do year-round do in northern Canada.

The north is where I like to take my holidays. Luckily, I already live there.


Anonymous said...

You said it, Michael. I did the tropical thing this year and, while it was nice, to be honest I'd rather go somewhere like Ivvavik or maybe mountain bike the North Canol. We've got the most amazing part of the world so close to us, why go somewhere else? I figure I could spend my whole lifetime trying to visit all the amazing places in the North.

Meandering Michael said...

I would love to spend my whole lifetime trying to visit all the amazing places in the North. Know anyone who'd like to sponsor me?

Maybe I should ask the good folks at Boldrush...

ExploreNorth said...

Cathy and I went on a 7-day Caribbean cruise this past February, and you can count both of us among those who are hooked. In particular, one of our stops was a private island off the south coast of the Dominican Republic, and it was 9/10 (requiring bathing suits lost it a point!). I don't want to move, but a couple of weeks of heat and warm water (and large pitchers of beer :) ) is not very hard to deal with in the middle of a Yukon winter, regardless of how beautiful and peaceful it is.