November 06, 2006

Haaaaa....... haaaaaahhhhh..... haaaaaaaaaaa....habenero!

I plucked a couple of habaneros off my now-ancient habanero plants. I had a couple of habanero plants that I started in Fort Liard oh-so-many years ago and brought over to Whitehorse. After a summer of thriving in the greenhouse, my Pop and I moved them inside before the frosts came. And they're still thriving in the front window of our house.

Fawn doesn't like the peppers where they are because they're such an inviting target for Jade, who seems to have a fascination for the rich soil in the big pots, but since there isn't anywhere else to put them and because they're still flowering, that's where they've got to stay for now.

Anyways, more than a few of the little orange peppers are ready to be picked, so tonight, while making dinner, I threw two of them into a stir fry. I had to rush out to a Big Band practice, so I skipped dinner until I got back.

Which is now.

I love the habanero flavour, but I should have used only one in the stir fry because the little devils are HOT! My mouth is stinging from the heat. Awesome.

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