September 10, 2006

Itchy Feet

Fawn was taking a course last week, which meant that I was Mr. Mom for three days. Just Jade and me. Just a very under-rested Jade and me. Just a cranky, under-rested Jade and me. But we did alright and came to an understanding by the third day.

I took yesterday to attend the moose hunting workshop offered by Environment Yukon, which was most excellent.

Work has been going well and I have been busy. So much so that I even recruited Fawn to do a little work. Add to that all the visitors we've had (and currently have - my grandparents are here now), and it's pretty safe to say that things have been, uh, busy. All this busy-ness has left little time for exploring, wandering, paddling, and all those other essentials (like updating the blog).

I guess I'm one of those guys who was born a couple hundred years too late. I just need to explore! Living a nomadic lifestyle seems pretty appealing at times; especially when modern responsibilities consume every waking moment.

A while ago I commented on "Meanderings" that I'm getting itchy feet and am feeling the need to head out for an overnighter. A sympathetic friend proposed a short trip to do some fishing. I drooled at the prospect of getting out and going somewhere new and maybe catching a nice meal at the same time.

Alas, I wasn't able to go (because of work and family commitments), but I did get to take a couple of hours to drive my grandparents up Mount MacIntyre. The willow and birch leaves glowed yellow and red and the mountains were lent an aura of mystique by the rain and clouds. And there were still a few berries to pick and eat.

Fortunately, the weekend was productive and I got a lot done - which means that I'll be able to get out soon. I feel like Nanuq must feel when his walk is overdue.

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