August 24, 2006

A quick trip to Jean Marie River.

On Monday, I hopped aboard the unfortunately expensive First Air flight from Whitehorse to Fort Simpson. Except for a bit of cloud at the start of the flight, the views were great, and, as usual, I stared at the mountains, imagining the routes I would take if I were at ground level. The mountains change their character dramatically from west to east, some looking like giant piles of sand and rock, others looking like broken pottery, and others looking like curved spinal chords, running from north to south.

I worked until late that night, making my way to Jean Marie River, and on into the next day. When I was done, with the help of some local youth, I placed a new geocache in the community.

On Wednesday, with the help of Todd, I placed another geocache in Fort Simpson before catching my flight back to Whitehorse.

The views on the return flight were great over the Nahanni country and we saw the karst lands, Virginia Falls, and several other significant features along the route.

There is just so much to explore. It drives me nuts sometimes.

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