July 13, 2006

A little sting for me and a little sting for you.

Getting ready for some foreign travel, Fawn, Jade and I made an excursion to the local Health Centre to find out what immunizations we would need, if any. Since I haven't had any immunizations for, well, quite some time, the nurse decided to give me a tetanus and diptheria shot before we left.

The day after, my arm ached and, after dinner, I began to feel a little light-headed. It wasn't so bad that it stopped us from going to find a new geocache, of course, but when we got back from that excursion, I could feel something not-so-nice developing. I didn't want Peter's cold and I certainly didn't want to give it to Fawn or Jade, so I elected to sleep in the basement.

It was a night of interrupted sleep, but I finally managed to fall into a good deep sleep in the morning. Eventually, I was woken by a howling crying coming from Jade, the likes of which I have never heard before. I could hear Fawn walking around upstairs and then the door slamming and then it was quiet again.

I later learned that Jade's palm had been stung by a wasp. Quick-thinking and cool under pressure, Fawn ran outside with her to apply a bit of traditional Dene medicine, originally taught to us by Eva in Fort Liard. Taking some leaves and petals from a wild rose, she chewed the leaves into a mulch and applied it to the sting site.

I was still on the couch downstairs when this happened. After the initial treatment, Fawn brought Jade and some more wild rose leaves downstairs and I did the same, chewing the leaves and applying them to Jade's sting. The sting didn't seem to be bothering Jade at that point, because she was smiling and happy.

Wild roses (and my wife) are great. I know they've saved me after more than a few wasp stings!

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