July 14, 2006

Just a second while I embroider your face...

The Singer sewing machine was set up in the big white tent in downtown Whitehorse. Behind the machine were two red banners, both of which were covered with embroidered caricatures of people's faces.

I'd passed by the stall many times, but had never seen the artist at her booth. Every time I passed, I wondered if the faces looked anything like the people did in real life. Today, I was previleged to see the artist at work.

Her name is Meshell Melvin and, with some kind of funky embroidering sewing machine, she churned out a woman's likeness in a matter of minutes. And, yes, it looked like the woman she was embroidering. If you're in downtown Whitehorse during the Longest Days Street Festival, make sure you see her in action. It's really quite impressive.

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