May 13, 2006

Edmonton to Yellowknife

The flight was to Yellowknife from Edmonton was uneventful. I didn't even get the chance to get a cramp in my neck by staring out the window non-stop. Just like on the flight from Whitehorse to Edmonton, it was cloudy all the way.

Instead, I breezed through the Above & Beyond magazine and watched a movie on my laptop. The inflight meal was sliced turkey on a croissant, which was excellent, but the mold hiding in the ends of the grapes kind of put me off.

It is great to see Damon and Colleen again, even if they've both got colds. After the loooong days and short nights of the "Meet the North" conference, I really hope I don't catch anything while I'm here on my course. >Knock on wood<

I read Fawn's blog the other day and learned that Jade is now grabbing things with both hands and pulling them towards her. And I missed it. At least I'm not on a two-week-in and two-week-out rotation like so many people working in the mining industry and oilpatch. I'll be home soon enough.

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