December 29, 2013

Halia's 10 Helpful Tips for Good Table Etiquette

This evening, we had a discussion on good table manners.  Halia, age 5, had these helpful tips to share:
  1. Don't hum.
  2. Don't pick your nose.
  3. Don't touch your eye.
  4. Don't touch your bum or your vulva or your penis.
  5. Don't suck on your Kleenex.  Even if it's tasty.  Mine is pretty tasty, actually.
  6. Don't stick your fingers in your cup.
  7. Don't mix food with your drink.
  8. Don't eat the ceiling.
  9. Don't eat like {name of friend}. Grabs fork with both hands and begins shovelling food into her mouth.
  10. Don't sit in a "W". Kneels and splays both feet out to the side so her legs make a "W" shape.
Should I ever have the opportunity to dine with the Queen, I feel that Halia's advice will serve me well.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Can she pretty please come and share/teach these manners with my boys?

Meandering Michael said...

I hope so. She hasn't quite got them all figured out herself. She knows them (and had many more to share), but that doesn't seem to REALLY stop her from doing them. I'm not sure where the ceiling one came from.

Nancy said...

It all depends upon whether or not you live alone! :D