September 27, 2013

Pictures from my iPod

My iPod went missing a long, long time ago.  I thought I'd lost it in the snow somewhere.  It was eventually discovered under the cushions of our old green couch.

I don't often carry a proper camera with me anymore, so it's nice to have the iPod to take pictures of things that tickle my funny bone or make me go "Hmm...".  Here are a few pictures from my previously-missing iPod that had me doing just that.

Whatever you do, don't pluck it up.

Kids love the the West Edmonton Mall's Fantasyland Hotel, with its fun (and tiny) theme rooms.  That's why its the perfect place to hold a National Child Maltreatment Symposium where they discuss... how to mistreat children?

I took this picture in St. John's, Newfoundland.  I'm certain they're the inspiration for this.

At one time, it was "No Skate Boarding Permitted".  Now?  Go right ahead!

It's "The Trooperdore"!  Canada's Armed Forces calls in this musically-trained soldier with his military-grade guitar when conventional tactics are ineffective.  What is this brave soldier's name?  Is he a corporal? A general?  No.  He's only a private.  World, meet the greatest guitar-wielding soldier of all time: Private Performance.

Believe it or not, this is a picture of a poster hanging in a local high school.  It is a poster about how to survive a zombie apocalypse.  It's nice to know our kids are getting an education that prepares them for the future!

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