August 27, 2012

Seoul-Incheon Airport: Best Airport in the World?

Seoul-Incheon airport is the very best I've ever been to. It has free massage chairs, free showers, a cultural museum display, free places you can actually sleep, free, decent Internet, and much, much more.

 One of the things I think they're doing totally right is their hands-on cultural showcase.  There, you can listen to live, traditional Korean music, try your hand a print making and crafts, learn about Korean history and culture, and browse and purchase exquisite Korean-made items.

Here's Fawn making a print of the Korean alphabet.  The 9-hour layover went by in no time!

Korea was just a stop-over for us, but I'm inspired to go back.  Excellent job, Incheon International Airport!

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Carole said...

You wouldn't regret a trip to Korea. Dave and I went a couple of years ago to visit his brother, and I can't wait to go back. The food is out of this world! Really!