August 23, 2012

Phruit in Phuket

If I had taken pictures of all of the fruit in Phuket, I'd... have a lot of pictures.

This freakish looking fruit is a mangosteen, which grows on a tropical evergreen tree - and I could eat them alllllll day.  Delicious.  (You eat the white part, not the dark exterior part.)


A baby banana!  Now with 100% of the flavour and 80% less packaging!

This is Durian.  Very frightened durian.

"Please don't eat me!"

There were carts all over the place selling durian.  It is a very pungent fruit.  So pungent, in fact, that you're not allowed to bring them onto the plane with you.  So pungent that when I stuck my head in a vehicle that had a durian sealed in a plastic bag in it, I wondered what had died in the vehicle.  In spite of the smell, they're delicious and, when dried, make very tasty (and less smelly) durian chips.

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Catherine said...

Oh! I am dreaming of mangosteen... And maybe one day I will appreciate durian... I tried it twice and the garbage drip smell made me gag...