April 08, 2012

The Old Crow Spring Carnival

It's the Easter weekend in Old Crow, Yukon, and there is no shortage of action at the Old Crow Spring Carnival!

You want races?  There are: snow machine races, snowshoe races, dogsled races, toboggan races, and more.

You want food?  There's the: soup-making competition, bannock-making competition, cake making- and decorating- competition, pop scramble, juice scramble, and more.

You want games?  Lots of those!  But here's one of my favourites: the balloon pop!
The kids enjoyed the piñata.

Several of the adults enjoyed the hockey in the gym - even if one of them took a hard ball to the face.  I'm doing fine, thanks for asking.

There are always evening activities.  On Friday night it was a talent show.  On Saturday night there was a jigging competition followed by a dance.

For all-round family entertainment over the Easter weekend, I'm thinking the Old Crow Spring Carnival can't be beat.  I might have to find a way to bring my family here for next Easter..!


Bryan and Vikki said...

We'd loved to have been there also... but through your eyes we were given a little glimpse.

Nemmy said...

Rick Mercer needs to go, too. Make it so!

Meandering Michael said...

With the CBC budget cuts, I wonder if they'd let him!!!