December 18, 2011

Siberian Federal University

Siberian Federal University has 40,000 students!  Here are a few shots from a small part of the campus.

 The conference that I was attending (and spoke at) was held in the new library building.  It's a gorgeous building.

We also had our delicious multi-course lunches there.  The soups were exceptionally delicious.

My favourite display at the library was of the indigenous art.  The bone/antler carvings in the bottom left of the next picture are for decorating reindeer.  The carvings in the bottom right are for measuring and making fish nets.

The carving off to the left in the following picture is made from mammoth ivory.  The artwork was exceptional.

Given that I was at a conference where not everyone spoke english and not everyone spoke russian (like me), translators were required.  I'm not sure why anyone would want to microwave a translation receiving device, but you should remove that orange tag before you do!

If you're ever thinking about studying abroad, check out Siberian Federal University - they've got it all!

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