June 04, 2011

Shiny Creek.

Shiny Creek isn't the real name of this creek. I can't remember what the real name is, but I can remember the strange bit of exposed rock that seemed to glow whether the slope was bathed in sunshine or blanketed in cloud-cast shadows.

I stopped there for lunch and took the opportunity to stretch my legs afterwards. While my stomach was satisfied, I left with a hunger of a different kind. I was hungry to know more about geology (an ongoing problem I seem to have).

The creek bed was coated in some sort of fine, shiny, silvery mineral. Many of the rocks were loaded with the stuff, too (not the picture of the rock following. I just thought it was a cool piece of quartz). The last picture really don't do it justice, unfortunately, but even the "sand" was shiny.

I will, forever more, call this creek "Shiny Creek".


Murray said...

That's mica schist, Michael. Cool stuff.

Meandering Michael said...

By GM Dawson's beard, I think you're right! Thanks, Murray!