June 11, 2011

Hey diddle diddle!

Allan Benjamin is a poet, artist, snowshoer, Ranger, and fiddler in Old Crow, Yukon. Yukoners will recognize his "Didee and Didoo" column from What's Up Yukon. The other day, he and Birch Kuch (an amazing clarinetist) got together in the Community Airport Radio Station at the Old Crow Airport to play a couple of tunes.

Old Crow has a long history of fiddling and dancing and the community still turns out every couple of months for a big dance. Every fiddler has their own style and interpretation of the songs. Some of the songs have extra beats that can take other musicians by surprise. This song, Double Jig, is only known by a few fiddlers and Allan hopes that by posting in to youtube, others will be inspired to learn it.

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