May 16, 2011

Machines that made history!

On March 8, 1942, construction began on a 2,237 km (1,390 mile) road that would come to be known as the Alaska Highway. It was finished by October 28, 1942 with the northern linkup at Mile 1202, Beaver Creek. The highway was dedicated on November 20, 1942.

And what type of equipment was used to construct a somewhat-passable 2,237 km highway in eight months?

Yeah, definitely gotta have ambulances.

And ya gotta have some excavators (one step away from a steam shovel). Check out that ├╝ber-comfortable seat!

Of course, you'll need something to transport the wooden culverts.

Aww, look at it looking at the Alaska Highway. I think it's feeling nostalgic!

If you'd like to see these history-making machines for yourself, you can find them not far from Beaver Creek, Yukon at Bear Flats (Koidern) near the White River.

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