March 08, 2011

Caption Contest!

Notice anything... unusual in this picture, taken outside the daycare in Dawson City?

If you do, you're eligible to enter the Michael's Meanderings Caption Contest! There are no prizes, but the winner - to be determined by a judge who will be designated by Meandering Michael - will receive heaps of praise (the size of the heaps will remain at the discretion of Meandering Michael)!!!

Caption away!


Megan said...

I suck at captions (and headlines) so I won't go head-to-head with Clare, who is certain to win this one.

I'm just very confused about how this even happened.

Nemmy said...

Clearly, this building is like that barn in C.S. Lewis's "The Last Battle." This one is just more clearly marked. What's to be confused about? ;-)

Nemmy said...

As for a caption, how about, "Business was so good that Fred decided drastic measures needed to be taken to keep cutomers out."

Or "After the last recession, even the Pearly Gates had to be downsized."

Too obscure?

Opa said...

"Lunchtime in Dawson"

"Deceptively realistic interior paint job"

Nancy said...

"Exit at your own risk!!"

"Your kids come in, but they won't get out!"

I tried, Michael:D

Glad to see you're still writing and taking pictures. I hope you and the girls are all healthy and happy!!


Meandering Michael said...

Ah! Thanks for the reminder that I needed to announce a winner! The winner is...