March 22, 2011

Alex and Luke Go to Yellowknife.

If you haven't heard of Alex and Luke, you should really check out their site. They traveled to every continental US state and to every Canadian province and territory, making their stops based on the advice given to them by their readers and viewers through social medial.

Unsurprisingly, they became so enamored with the north that they're back. People frequently ask me, "What is there to do up there?"

Alex and Luke are about to find out.

Here's their first video from Yellowknife - and they're just getting started.


Scientific Chick said...

A massive Canada-US roadtrip? That is a brilliant idea. I wish I had it.

They sure make a good case for all the fun to be had in your town, Michael.

Meandering Michael said...

Ah, 'tis the "Curse of the Capitals"! Yellowknife and Whitehorse are perpetually confused with each other. I'm in Whitehorse, but like pointing out all the fun that is to be had right across the North!