February 12, 2011

Countdown: 14 Days!

Thanks to you, we're only a couple of days in and things are going very well in Air New Zealand's "Coldest Canadian" contest! Here are the current standings...

Most Watched: 13th (Up from 16th yesterday. Four more spots and the video will appear on the front of the "Most Watched" page!)

Current Coldest: 16th (Up from 17th)

This means that we've got lots of people watching, but we need still more daily voting (and comments)! With 14 days to go, we can take that top spot! Let's do it!

Here's the link!


jozien said...

michael i commented here a few days ago, but it didn't stick???

Meandering Michael said...

Was it on another blog entry? I saw the link from your site. THANKS!