August 09, 2010

Sailing Atlin Lake - Day 1

One of the items on my parents' "To Do" list was to go sailing on Atlin Lake. It's been on my "To Do" list as well.

When I asked people familiar with the lake what I should see, the inevitable response was always, "How much time do you have?" When I asked those same people how much time I should take, the inevitable response was "I'd want a good month, at least".

Unfortunately, my parents aren't visiting for a month. We planned for four days, including travel and preparation.

We headed off later in the first day than I would have liked, but at least we were prepared. It was evening by the time we pulled into Atlin and got the boat rigged. Instead of pushing the kids' bedtimes and trying to find a place to stay in the dusk on an unfamiliar lake, we decided to spend the night in the harbour.

At the public boat launch.

Rigging the boat with my Mum.

Because there would be four adults, two kids, a bounty of food, and assorted gear on board, I wanted to make sure that I didn't exceed the weight capacity of the boat. Playing it safe, I'd brought my cedar strip Prospector canoe as a "trailer". In the stillness of the night, I slipped into my canoe and quietly paddled around the harbour, listening to the night sounds of Atlin as they drifted out and over the water.

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