August 07, 2010

The "neigh"bour.

So, I looked out the window in my home office to see a giant horse in my neighbour's backyard and I thought, "Weird. There's a horse in my neighbour's backyard."

Then I thought, "Nah. That's not so weird at all. That's just how things go around here."

You may remember Rocky and Atlatl Mike from our sleigh ride a couple of winters ago. Rocky was in the neighbourhood for a wedding today. Atlatl Mike, good neighbour that he is, invited us over for a visit.

Jade, still fearless around the giant horse, wanted to lead Rocky around the yard. Nanuq was incredibly curious but generally well-mannered. Rocky took it all in stride.

Lucky Jade got to go for not just one but two horseback rides.

At bedtime, she asked me when her birthday is.

Uh, oh.

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