June 23, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

A year ago I was torn between my need to explore and my need to spend quality time with my family. Ideally, I would be able to find a way to combine the two - and that's exactly what happened.  Hurrah for the sailboat!

We spent Father's Day weekend exploring the marge of Lake Laberge and, best of all, I got to do it with my family. Here are a handful of family-time pictures that may not be interesting for many of my readers but will, at the very least, make the kids' grandparents happy.

Life Aboard

Checking the trim of the sails.

Keto meal.

Turning in for the night.

Time Ashore in Distant Lands

Exploring Far-off Places

"Eek!  The bugs are getting me!"

Catching rocks.  I do not condone this highly-popular game.

Woo-hoooo! Let's explore!


Sarah N said...

Looks like a fantastic father's day! I don't know anyone else in the Yukon with a sailboat. You'll have to explain the logistics to me one day. I'd love one!

Meandering Michael said...

Will do! There are a couple on Lake Laberge, some on Tagish Lake, and a handful on Marsh Lake. Our Macgregor is trailerable so we can take it around to whichever lakes we want.

Shockr said...

Looks like you had an awesome day! :-) As usual, beautiful pictures.

Nai-Nai said...

Thanks Michael for the beautiful pictures, which I always enjoy to see.