May 25, 2010

Tiny scientists.

Forget big, sweeping vistas and stunning panoramas; it's the little things that interest my kids the most. They're like little scientists in a microscopic world.

They start out by looking for tiny subjects to study.

The diversity of their discoveries never fails to delight.

And the tinier their discoveries are, the better.

Each specimen is closely observed.

Inquisitive minds peer through inquisitive eyes...

... at a curious world that can always surprise.

Crawling or not, each new find is a wonder.

Some have shells, some have skins, some have feathers.

No legs, six legs, two legs, red legs, yellow legs, blue legs.

Squirming, crawling, running, hopping, and flying. (These are not mosquitoes.)

Some stay still and others cannot.

This one waves its antennae very quickly.

This one isn't with us anymore, but it's still an opportunity to learn and discover. The tiny scientists are very hands-on in their research (not the cause of the butterfly's demise).

Eventually, my tiny scientists will know more than I can ever imagine. They're already teaching me about the many wonders of our world.


Clare said...

That is a great characteristic for children. I love that they have a curiousity for the natural world. The world will be in good hands.

Pattycake Manners said...

How sweet that you've captured their "research"!

Carolyn said...

Michael you have some wonderful posts here with your family. What joy it is to see the little ones exploring their world and reminding us to see the world more through their eyes! Did you write the is wonderful, especially the ballad. I have enjoyed catching up on life in your part of the world.
Blessing and smiles to you and yours.

Meandering Michael said...

For better or worse, I have to take credit for the poetry. Welcome back to the west side of the country!

Nemmy said...

That would make a fun children's book... has a Dr. Seuss feel to it... but with Science! ^.^

Scientific Chick said...

Watch what you wish for...
Your little scientists may grow up to be bigger scientists, at which point they'll move far away from you to go to grad school, lose their fashion sense, and eat ramen 3 meals a day for 6 years.

Seriously, awesome photos. :)

Meandering Michael said...

Nemmy, not a bad idea!

SC, I can think of worse fates!

Anonymous said...