April 04, 2010


We had ducks for our Easter dinner tonight. Yum! After the kids were in bed and we were taking care of the leftovers, Fawn asked me what I wanted to do with the wishbones.

I wanted to keep them, of course.

The wishbones reminded us of something from last Christmas that both of us failed to blog about. I had taken the wishbone out of the goose and let it dry. When it was ready, I grabbed one end of the wishbone and showed Jade how to hold her end. Then, I told her to make a wish and that whoever got the larger piece of wishbone after it broke would get their wish.

We pulled.

My end splintered and Jade won!

Fawn asked Jade what she had wished for.

Proudly holding up her end of the wishbone, she declared, "This!"


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

She comes out with the cutest things!

Nemmy said...

This simplest pleasures... awww