March 31, 2010

Who's On First?

There was an interesting conversation at the dinner table tonight. Lately, Fawn has been letting Jade use her iPod to listen to childrens' music.  The conversation went something1 like this:

Jade: Earphones?
Fawn: Yes, those are earphones.
Jade: For the earpod?
Fawn: No, that's an iPod.
Jade: Eye pod? (Looks at earphones and considers placing them over her eyes.) Eyephones?
Fawn: No, an iPhone is something different. It's a phone.
Jade: For your eyes?

1OK, so the conversation didn't go exactly like that. I was laughing too hard on the inside to memorize the exact conversation, but you get the idea.


Clare said...

Brilliant. Perhaps Apple will consider it for an Ad.

Megan said...


Sharl said...

Too funny!!

Scientific Chick said...

Jade is awesome. Your stories about the kids are always so great. It's so refreshing and different from the litany of "Little Jimmy went aah-reeuh today" I see on Facebook everyday.

Thank you for giving me faith that parenting doesn't necessarily melt your brain.

YukonJen said...

OMG. I just snorted reading this.

Out of the mouths of babes, comes an eyePhone.