March 18, 2010

True or False Challenge!

March is Epilepsy Awareness Month, so it's time to test your awareness.

In Michael's Meanderings style, it's time to play TRUE OR FALSE CHALLENGE!

There is no prize for this contest, only a chance to test your clever cleverness and level of epilepsy awareness against my crafty and challenging TRUE OR FALSE CHALLENGE!  Be careful, though, there might be some trick questions in there.

How will you do? There's only one way to find out!  It's time to take the test!

True or false?

  1. Epilepsy can be life-threatening.
  2. About one in every hundred people have epilepsy.
  3. Each day in Canada, an average of 42 people learn that they have epilepsy.
  4. About 50 MILLION people worldwide have epilepsy.
  5. There are more than twice as many people with epilepsy in Canada as the number of people with cerebral palsy (55,000), muscular dystrophy (28,000), multiple sclerosis (39,000), and cystic fibrosis (3,400) combined.
  6. Epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder after headaches.
  7. Fewer than 50% of epilepsy cases have an identifiable cause.
  8. Over 30% of people with epilepsy cannot have their seizures controlled, even with the best available medications.
  9. Of the 70% who can have their seizures controlled, about 20% will continue to have breakthrough seizures.
  10. If you fail three types of epilepsy medication, there is a less than 12% chance that any type of epilepsy medication will work for you.
  11. Anybody can have or develop epilepsy. It doesn't matter what your age is, your sex, or your cultural background.
  12. Not everyone who has epilepsy realizes that they even have epilepsy.
  13. There are over 40 different types of epilepsy, all of which have a different range of causes and manifestations.
  14. Not all seizure types are the same. Someone could be having a seizure and you might think they're just daydreaming. Or that they're on drugs.
  15. You cannot "catch" epilepsy.
  16. Epilepsy was once called the "sacred disease" because it was associated with religious experiences and demonic possession. The condition is named from the Greek epilepsia ("possession").
  17. Many people are reluctant to talk about or seek treatment for their epilepsy because they are afraid of persistent social stigmas.
  18. Many people with epilepsy cannot lead lead normal lives or have learning disorders because of uncontrolled seizures.
  19. Many jurisdictions forbid certain activities to persons suffering from epilepsy.
  20. People with controlled epilepsy or certain types of epilepsy can lead normal lives - or even have great ones.
  21. Neil Young has epilepsy.

And now for the answers!

  1. T
  2. T
  3. T
  4. T
  5. T
  6. T
  7. T
  8. T
  9. T
  10. T
  11. T
  12. T
  13. T
  14. T
  15. T
  16. T
  17. T
  18. T
  19. T
  20. T
  21. T
How did you do?  
18-21 Correct - You are epilepsy aware!  Congratulations!  Share this quiz with your friends to see how much they know.

15-18 Correct - You're good!  Visit resources like to learn more.  But first, share this quiz with your friends to see how much they know.

11-14 Correct - You pass.  Not a great score, but at least you know a thing or two and now you know a thing or two more!  Share this quiz with your friends to see how much they know!

10 or Fewer Correct - Ouch!  Either you're not very good at detecting obvious patterns or you really have a lot to learn about epilepsy.  Don't feel too bad, though.  You can take the test again to improve your score then share it with your friends to see how much they know!


Scientific Chick said...

Hey Michael, interesting quiz! Though you forgot something: Neil Young not only has epilepsy, but he also is *awesome*. So there.

I'm all about epilepsy awareness right now because I'm volunteering for Brain Awareness Week (are you aware that you have a brain?) and we have to include epilepsy info in our class visits. Spreading the word!

Meandering Michael said...

Scientific Chick, you are absolutely correct on your point about Neil Young. You get bonus points. So there.

And, no, I was not aware that I have a brain! Thanks for letting me know! I never use it so now I have something to sell on e-Bay!

Dr. Julie said...

I'll give you two bucks for it.

Meandering Michael said...

Oh, it's worth WAY more than that. It's barely used!

Susan said...

Thanks for the interesting facts and figures about epilepsy. I find it all so interesting given Garrett's background, Jade's issues and now, of course, my nursing training. Awareness is definitely a great thing so am glad you posted this blog entry.

Are you familiar with psychomotor epilepsy? I was reading info about it about a week ago...

Meandering Michael said...

Also known as a complex partial seizure! :D