March 06, 2010

Into the storm...

It was a gloriously warm and sunny day as I began my drive back to Whitehorse from Beaver Creek.  As I got closer to Kluane Lake, the wind began to gust.  It was a strong wind and I could feel it pushing on my car, trying to force it off the side of the road.

I was driving under a baby blue sky but could see nothing but dark, grey skies past Burwash Landing.

By the time I passed Destruction Bay, the imposing grey dominated the skies.

Then, just past the lake, the stretch of road between the head of Kluane Lake and Haines Junction started to disappear in near white-out conditions.

As the snow accumulated, the wide soft shoulders began to disappear making it nearly impossible to tell where the road ended and the ditch began.  Vehicles heading in either direction started using the middle of the road - or at least what they thought was the middle of the road.

As I pulled into Haines Junction, the storm vanished as quickly as it had appeared.  The rest of the drive into Whitehorse was fast and pleasant.

There's nothing like a little inclement weather to make a road trip more memorable.


Anonymous said...

Michael you have a very interesting blog - i'm glad i saw your link on your wife's page - your photos are so beautiful.

David - Maine USA

Meandering Michael said...