February 14, 2010

So near yet so far...

Stuffed full of the tasty moose sauce my wife made for dinner, sitting in the dark, snuggled under the blankets and watching a romantic comedy is a good way to spend a Valentine's evening.

There's just one little snag.

It would be a lot better if my wife weren't 400 kilometers away.

You see, I spent the afternoon traveling to Ross River. I'll be here all week for work. That's pretty sad as far as Valentine's Day romanticism goes - and it is somewhat of an anniversary for us.

Maybe when I get back we'll be able to go on an actual date or something!


Marian said...

I'd love to babysit for the day.....if you were here :)
Love, Mom

Sarah N said...

What brings you to Ross? You'll have to see if you can spy me out. not hard: I'm the white chick with a baby in tow.