December 23, 2009

Villainous Vittles - A great new game!

I have what you might call an "adventurous palate". I'll try anything once - no matter how obscure or unusual - and I'll almost always like it.

I like food. No, I love food.

So it was a real shock to me when I got the results of my food allergy testing back. If you really don't want to read a blog entry about someone's health, stop right now and skip to "Villainous Vittles" near the bottom.

If you're curious, read on...

The allergy results are displayed using a bar graph format. The fat black bars start from "Low" and can go up to "Moderate" and "Avoid". The "Moderate" and "Avoid" categories have a big "NOT SAFE" above them. Even the doctor was shocked by how much black there was on my results. I guess that's what happens when you don't recognize years of intestinal distress: You get a leaky gut and it lets all sorts of things through to the bloodstream. The body makes a bunch of little soldiers called immunoglobulins to fend off the invaders. When you build up too many soldiers, you get an allergic reaction. The reaction can vary, depending on who you are and how your body responds.

The good news is that I can reduce the number of soldiers by reducing the number of invaders. That means healing my intestine and abstaining from the foods that get through the system.

And, for me, that means abstaining from a lot of foods. Delicious, good-smelling, tasty, wonderful foods. It's especially hard during the Christmas season. It's going to be especially hard when I have to travel for work.

Abstaining takes a lot of will power, but that's not something I'm worried about. I've got that.

Abstaining is made a little easier by not looking at what I can't have, but what I'm getting back - and at what I've gained. Since I've made the shift, I've felt a lot better. I'm happier. The patience that I had lost is back. I'm sleeping better. My head feels clearer.

Also, I've become more adventurous in my diet. Yes, more adventurous. Nearly every meal involves the invention of a new recipe using "safe" foods. Some of the meals have been stunningly delicious. I never would have tried them if I hadn't been "forced" to.

One day, if I do a good job healing my digestive system, I'll be able to go back to eating the foods I currently have to avoid. I look forward to that day.

Who wants to be "that weird guy with the food issues"?

Not me. I want to be the guy who can eat anything.

Wish me luck!

Announcing Villainous Vittles!
Now, you may be wondering what foods I need to avoid (and even if you're not, keep reading). Well, I'm not just going to tell you. Instead, in true Michael's Meanderings fashion, I am going to drag things out and have a little fun with this. That's why I'm pleased to announce the great new game, "Villainous Vittles"!

Every week, until announce the end of the game, I will post an entry with five food items. Out of the five, you get to guess which food I need to avoid. Leave a comment in that entry with your guess (making sure that you leave your name, of course. Anonymous is not eligible to win.). One point is awarded for each correct guess (You get one guess per round, of course). At the end of the game, all of the points will be tallied. The winner(s) will be given a yet-to-be-determined food-related prize.

The first round of Villainous Vittles begins tomorrow. Good luck!


Karyn said...

Oh can't wait! I love contests-especially ones with food-related prizes!!

Marian said...

I could do really well with this since I have the inside information :)
Love, Mom

Meandering Michael said...

Sorry, Mom. One of the unstated rules. Family members with inside information are not allowed to play.

Marian said...

Didn't I say I COULD do well. I had no intention of actually participating. It will be interesting to read though.

Scientific Chick said...

While I'm amazed that you will find the time to post on your blog on Christmas day, I'm so in.

Meandering Michael said...

Ha ha, I wrote it yesterday. I just waited until today to post it (to build suspense, of course)!

Carolyn said...

"mom" please feel free to share your inside information!;)

Jennybell said...

my husband needs to be tested. I don't know if he has leaky gut but he has leaky.....

sharl said...

Hi Michael! Merry Christmas!! So great that you discovered what your food sensitivities are!! I'm always amazed by how everyone reacts differently when reactive foods are removed from their diets. I also have a tonne of food sensitivities - definetely makes eating at other peoples houses challenging. I can't tell you how many time I've said no-thankyou to my dad offering me icecream! At home I have a very delicious coconut milk icecream sweetened with agave nectare. My big ones are Wheat/gluten, dairy, soy, sugar. Sharl

Meandering Michael said...

Oooh! Oooh! I want that ice cream recipe!

Eric said...

Bummer dude.

Meandering Michael said...

Honestly? It's been great. I feel fantastic.