December 18, 2009

A Christmas Gift to You (from my talented wife).

I love having a talented wife. It's great hearing her sing as she moves about the house. It's wonderful watching her capture an entire audience's attention when she sings in public. I enjoy listening to her fiddle at the keyboard when she gets a few moments to herself to compose a new song.

It's not as much fun when she corrals me to be her "recording engineer" and the first recording gets lost because a computer program crashes, necessitating a re-recording and me staying up waaaay past my bedtime to get everything ready so she can post the song to her blog that very night (because it can't possibly wait another day). But I love her, so I sacrifice a few hours of sweet, precious sleep.

It's all worth it though. And it's very nice to have a new Christmas song to listen to. Check it out and I think you'll agree.

If you like it, drop by Fawnahareo's Place and let her know!

Happy Holidays!

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