December 03, 2009

Best Personal Blog? Moi?!

Michael's Meanderings has been nominated in the Best Personal Blog category at the Canadian Blog Awards?


(While you're there, cast a vote for Clare at The House and Other Arctic Musings and Megan at Reflections in the Snow-Covered Hills.

Clare also has a couple of great lists featuring northern bloggers who have been nominated in various CBA categories)


Anonymous said...

Of course you get a nomination - You speak always from your heart. I found you from Every Photo Tells a Picture - She recommended me to you and so I put you and your family onto my favs.
I used to live in Whitehorse in the 70's - I now live in T.DOT. You are a special man with a special family. Blessings!

Jim and Marilyn Travis - T.Dot

If u want to view our stuff - not much - just us - here is our link -

I am not very computer savvy - I did give you a heads up and will give you a vote from your site and those that view will have to copy and paste what I wrote - OY! Wish I knew more on the computer!

All the best Michael to you and yours!

Megan said...

Aw, you're too kind. I do hope we can get more northerners into the finals this year.

Jennoit said...

Oh that is cool!!