July 14, 2009

"My Own Private Lower Post"

If you live in northern Canada, you know someone who has been affected by the Indian Residential School System. In fact, you probably know more people who have been affected by residential schools than you realize. Perhaps they have shared a story with you about their experience. Sometimes, the stories are downright funny. Usually, they're heartbreakingly painful. When you hear one of these stories, you know it's coming from someone who has faced a painful memory and is ready to share it - or someone who is trying to face a painful memory and has shared it with you because they trust that you will listen to a story they need to share, maybe for the first time.

The stories that are seldom told, though, are the stories of the residential school survivors' children.

Today, I met Duane Gastant' Aucoin. Duane is the now-adult child of a residential school survivor. Duane is also a director, and documented "My Own Private Lower Post", his own story as a 2nd Generation Survivor.

"My Own Private Lower Post" is not about the suffering and misery caused by the residential school system. It's about healing and forgiveness. It's a lesson in Canadian history that we should all know about. It's also a lesson in cultural survival, facing your demons, learning to understand, and learning to forgive. It's an inspirational film that we should all see.

Here is the preview:

Whitehorse residents have the opportunity to see "My Own Private Lower Post" on Thursday at 21:00 at the Old Firehall. As for everyone else, keep your eyes open. This is a story worth sharing.


Jennybell said...

Have you seen- Rabbit Proof Fence?
Have I asked you this before:) Same sort of thing only in Australia.

Meandering Michael said...

I haven't (and I don't think you have). I'll check it out!