May 05, 2009

Three jars of berry goodness...

Gen, over at "Gen and the art of berry picking" hosted a spring treasure hunt. The prize? Three jars of berry goodness (jam made from wild, Yukon berries).

The treasure to be hunted?

1. Pussywillow

2. One of last season's cranberries peeking through the snow. (OK, so it's not peeking through the snow. Are you really going to make me go back there and put snow on it?)

3. A crocus (this year's vintage)

Please note that all of these pictures were taken with my bike helmet and my wife's keys in them, just to prove that they were taken this year for Gen's treasure hunt. Why else would I take pictures of these things with completely unrelated objects in them?

Oh, the things I'll do for homemade jam!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Noooooo!!!! I only had to find the crocus to win!!

Well enjoy the jam- Gen gave me a har when we were there and it was super delicious!

APF said...

Well now Kara you are still in the running as Michael's low bush cranberry isn't peeking through the snow.

I'm sorry about the technicality Michael, I do love the pics. The helmet and keys adds colour, texture, as well as much legitimacy.

Since Kara in Faro may be at a climatic disadvantage re: the crocus (or not), I think it's fair to ask for a partially snow covered Whitehorse cranberry, no?

But really, I won't rule out the possibility of multiple winners (unlike some silly Aussie contest). If I get people's pics by Fiday, everyone gets berry goodness!