May 27, 2009

Learning a new way of hiking...

My favourite hikes were always the ones where I would go for seven hours or more, stopping only for a quick snack. I would walk fast and I would walk far. I loved it.

Then, I had kids. Suddenly, my hikes were curtailed. Last year, especially, was a dismal year for hiking. This year, though, things are improving. My hikes are short (very short) and slow (very slow), but maybe that's not such a bad thing. Now, I'm learning how to hike with my family and, along the way, I'm seeing a lot of things that I wouldn't have stopped to appreciate before.

Out for a walk with Fawn, Jade, and Halia on a beautiful, sunny, late afternoon.

Halia gets a makeshift hat to protect her head from the strong sun.

Jade and I stop to make dams in the little stream of runoff.

I get my exercise and Jade gets a ride in the carrier (which is a good choice when 0.0001 km/h seems too slow).

As usual, Nanuq gets off easy because he doesn't have to carry anyone (although Jade has been known to try)...

...which leaves him free to drink creek water, go swimming, and chase the stones that we throw for him.

Showing off my child carrying expertise.

Of course, since she's still unable to walk, Halia gets to ride with her Mama...

...and Mama doesn't seem to mind one bit.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

I agree that walking slower allows us to notice and appreciate those things we'd ordinarily miss. Your women are teaching you well:)

How simply beautiful it is where you live.

And, you are one cute family!

Lindsay said...

I love all these photos. In the last two photos Halia looks like a mini Fawn.

Can't wait to go for walks with you 4! Never thought you'd slow down. Nice to hear!