February 26, 2009

Mr. Adventure! Second Sucksational Issue!!!

And now for the second installment in the greatest comic book series to hit the blogosphere since yesterday - Mr. Adventure!

So, I didn't get an invitation to participate in the psychographic testing that was sent out to a pool of applicants who were selected as potential "Top 50" candidates. That means one of two things:
  1. I didn't make the cut, likely because my application video didn't demonstrate a knowledge of the Great Barrier Reef and didn't demonstrate my ability to speak English.
  2. I did make the cut, and they were so confident in my abilities that they're not bothering with the psychographic testing...
Yeah... but what the comic says is true - this really was a whole lot of fun. Sure, it would have been my dream job and, yes, I really do think that Fawn deserves a break, but I'll just have to work on those things another way.

The last installment in the series will be a "thank-you" to a few of the people who really helped with this campaign (at least, those that I'm aware of), either through their encouragement or through their hard work.

Otherwise, it's back to our regularly scheduled adventures on Michael's Meanderings...!


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Oh, Michael, you are too, too much!! There are tears streaming down my face right now. I am sorry that they made such a terrible mistake in not choosing you, but that's not the reason for the tears. It's because of THIS. I swear if you had a donation gadget on your blog, I would happily give for all the laughs you have given me!!

Kennie said...

Boo to them if they don't want to hire true talent and just those that know that there are turtles in Australia. Their loss .. and the North's gain as we would hate to loose you!

Megan said...


Shockr said...

Man your 7 stages of grief was over so fast! I'm still going through mine...

Shockr said...

I'm confused.... I just went on the website and it says there are still 4 more days before the shortlist comes out!?

pDogg said...

Awesome! Here's my winning try with a cool rockin' hit:

Anonymous said...

they said "None of the applicants that have been contacted at this stage are guaranteed a place in the top 50. "

So you might still be in the's hoping that some of them fail their mental testing :)

and let's hope when you take it you crazy crazy guy!!! haha Great comic...flawed, because there is no way you could have possible disappointed us at all! Following this was very interesting and exciting. So proud of you still! You have got guts!!!

It also brings back High School memories....we actually too the 7 stages of grieving in class together with Mrs.P in a portable. Sheesh, i didn't know in between that doodling you were actually paying attention!! ;) hehehe

Thanks Mike you did awesome...even if they Australia was unfortunate enough to miss this opportunity.

- Kat Oneill

Meandering Michael said...

Thanks everyone. Of course, there's still a chance, but it's a very very long shot. A veeeeeeeeery long shot. They posted that they sent out all of the e-mails they were going to send out and I think that everyone needs to undergo the testing.

You'd probably want to test a guy who'd jump into a freezing lake, wouldn't you? :P

APF said...

Oh, I'm so sorry Michael! That's really disappointing.
But you know having followed my husband on an exciting adventure to the wilds of Alaska last year for a dream job glacier hopping, I can tell you that Fawn probably wouldn't have gotten that break tending to the kids while you would have been out snorkeling and reporting back (unless you had a nanny of course). But you could still give your lovely wife a break without going to the ends of the earth. Now, I'd read about that!

Anonymous said...

That so sucks...(as if I had to tell you). Ah to be stuck in the recession bound country with the rest of us. And stuck in winter...I'm not really helping hey?

OK, I'll go now.

How's Fawn taking it???


Anonymous said...

Yeah, truly their loss. But perhaps it is to your readers' benefit. I mena, where would you possibly have found the time to keep up a blog while lazing on an Australian beach all day ;-)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Mr. Adventure!!! I just really enjoyed your post! This is just fantastic! I wish I could come up with better words. I just had the awesome joy of reading your your poem about my potted boy. My name is Vanessa Brantley-Newton and I am illustrator living in East Orange, NJ with my husband Ray 15 years and our very funny daughter Zoe. My friend posted my illustration to her blogspot and you wrote this fantastic poem around the picture I believe. Let me tell you how we all laughed till our faces were sore!!! You are super duper talented is all I can say! I am so grateful that it snowed today so that I could have some much needed time to visit your blog and say how wonderful I think you are! You are amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing your very awesome gift with us! Stay warm.
Very truly yours
Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Ian C. said...

Mike: the website specifically says that there's no top 50 shortlist. That the psychometric testing invite doesn't mean you're high in the running. And that no testing doesn't mean you're out of the running.

Fear not man!

(And can I just: that's the best damn blog post I've read in ages. Truly a work of art dude.)

Meandering Michael said...

Thanks, everyone!

Kelli: Fawn is doing well. Campaigning for the job was taking up a lot of time. I still want to find a way to give her a break, though.

i are see (and everyone else): My fingers are still crossed!!! I just had a lot of fun doing the comic and couldn't wait to post it.

Vanessa Brantley-Newton: Thanks!

If any of my readers are wondering what Vanessa it talking about, check out her picture and my poem at Every Photo Tells a Story.

James Parker said...

Darn Michael, I would have sent ya my invite if I knew ya wanted it. Told em I liked it here in Costa Rica. Drop by for a cup of coffee.