February 19, 2009

I have been casted in a pod.

If you don't listen to CBC's "The North This Week", you're missing out on some amazing stories from an unusual and amazing place: Canada's three northern territories.

Last weekend's podcast had a story about some crazy guy who goes snorkeling in a frozen Yukon lake. I can't imagine what that's all about.

You can download the podcast here.

If you like what you hear, you can subscribe to "The North This Week" podcast here.

(Oh, and just in case you didn't already see it on the CBC News site, check out the Video and Audio Highlights on the CBC North website for the video version of the story.)


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Michael: Applications close on the 22nd of this month, but how long can people still rate and vote on your video?

Meandering Michael said...

I don't know how long they'll leave the rating system open. Voting for the 50 short-listed candidates goes from March 2nd to 24th. I'll find out sometime between February 23rd and March 2nd if I've made the Top 50! Oooh, exciting!

Jennybell said...

On the news this morning there was a story out of Vancouver about a man who bungee jumped off a bridge and his bungee broke, but he survived. Only fell 25 ft. into water. I thought of your recent trip to Vancouver, thinking... "that Michael Pealow will do anything for publicity!"
Glad to see it wasn't you!