February 21, 2009

Dear Tourism Queensland,

If you're reading this, it must mean that you're considering me as one of your fifty finalists. 


I hope you enjoy yourselves as you explore Michael's Meanderings.  In this blog (in addition to my regular adventures) you'll find an account of the growing publicity that my application video has generated for The Best Job in the World and the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

To help make your decision a little easier, I've compiled a few links that are relevant to the Island Caretaker position:
I look forward to showing you what my supporters and I will do when I make it to the Top 50!

Thanks for your consideration,

Meandering Michael


strive4impact said...

Hey Michael!

We saw your video on and absolutely loved it. Well done!

I heard in an interview that you're a home-based consultant...

We work from home as well as affiliate marketers.

What do you do?

Looking forward to chatting with and getting to know you!


Jonathan Kraft

Unknown said...

I really like your dedication and even your own domain specifically for the Hamilton Island job.

You can check out my best shot here: