January 06, 2009

Paging Dr. Blog...

I started blogging so I wouldn't keep getting phone calls from my Mum that started with, "Just calling to see if you're still alive."

I kept blogging because I realised that I was also tired of friends and acquaintances asking, "So what are you up to these days?" and, instead of spewing everything out again and again, I really enjoyed suggesting that they "read my blog to catch-up. It's all on there1." OK, so it's not all on Michael's Meanderings, but if I shared everything, it would either get hopelessly boring or way too exciting.

I also kept blogging because I enjoy the opportunity to vent creatively. It feels good to let my brain do something different once-in-a-while and  I enjoy reading everyone's comments after I do.  Some cinnebts make me smile and many of them make me laugh.  Mostly though, it's just a nice feeling to know that someone's "listening".

I like the "historical record" aspect of blogging. I like being able to say "This is what it looks like from on top of that mountain!" and one day I'll take immense pleasure in showing Jade and Halia their potty-training-related misadventures.  Whenever I go back to read an old blog entry, I am reminded of what I was thinking and how I felt at that time in my life.  The passage of time often confers new and interesting perspectives; if only I knew then what I think I know now...

And that reminds me of what might be the most surprising, but rewarding, reason for my continued blogging .  Over the past eight months, blogging has been therapeutic for me. Your encouraging comments and support through the worst of Jade's epilepsy (I really hope that was the worst of it...) helped me keep my chin up and my spirit strong. I know there was more than one occasion where Fawn felt better after blogging her thoughts, so it has been therapeutic for her, too.

I have a friend who is going through a rough time right now and he turned to blogging for therapy, also. Blogging can be cathartic.  It can be healing.  It can also get you into a bit of trouble if you're not careful.  I'm sure that one day he'll look back on this entry and see it a completely different light.  Maybe he'll feel a twinge of regret.  Maybe he'll cry.  Maybe he'll laugh.  For now, though, I think it has made him feel a little bit better, and I'm glad for that.  Thanks, Dr. Blog.

1To all my friends and acquaintances who read this blog, thanks!


Marian said...

Oh my gosh.....just how often did I call? You make it sound as though it was every day or week. There are times we wouldn't hear from you for months!!!!!
However, if you want to "blame" me for "making" you blog, I'm OK with that.....just another thing you can thank me the tuba!
Love, Mom

RachelW said...

I'm with you there; it's pretty damn therapeutic.

Anonymous said...

Too much information about one sad sad mess. I hope he reconsiders the link.