January 14, 2009

Freaky Friday

Eight? EIGHT?! It's supposed to be EIGHT DEGREES CELSIUS on Friday?!?!?!?!? (According to Environment Canada)

I checked and I doubled-checked. There is no little negative sign in front of the eight. We're talking above-freezing temperatures here.

That's just messed up.

I wonder how many -35oC-adjusted people will get sick now because they'll be so hot when they go outside that they start walking around in T-shirts.


Anonymous said...

we've got your below 30 weather over here in Ottawa if you want to com e and get it :)

- kat

Meandering Michael said...

Nah, your -30C is damp and it sucks. Our -30C is nice.

Jennybell said...

It was 8 Farenheit here this a.m. My friends 13 yr old said (as only 14 yr old boys can) "We have to go to school? What I guess we have to, like ,live in Siberia now" Then a very astute 13 yr old girl informed him kids in Siberia would NOT get out of school for cold weather! The roads are a mess here, Arctic blast blowing through, dumping snow, just in time for school to let out! I don't mind driving in it, if I'm the only one out on the roads, but driving with a bunch of neurotic mothers, is a little differnt.

Anonymous said...

Plus, you have to reconfigure your kids' outwear just when you had your layering systems, fleece weights, and other misc. gear just right for dry and frigid temps. Oh weatherman, give me consistency so as not to clog my mudroom!