December 08, 2008

You always hurt the ones you love...

At first, I missed my solitary morning showers. Instead of easing into the day slowly, I was suddenly forced to hold a squirming toddler who made it extremely difficult to get clean. At the time, I did this so Fawn could sleep in a little longer. As Jade got older though, she began to enjoy sitting in the base of the shower and playing with her toys freeing up both of my arms so I could actually wash myself.

Not long ago, Fawn bought some foamy letters that stick to the walls of the shower stall. Now, Jade and I take long showers where we practice spelling words. It's a lot of fun for both of us!

Today, as we were both sitting in the shower and spelling exciting words like "cat" and "bat" and "rat", Jade stood up and started climbing into my lap. As she was climbing, her foot slipped and landed on one of my sperm factories. Normally, things would have been contained by undergarments and pants, but because I don't shower in my bathing suit, things were left a little exposed to toddler feet.

The gentlemen who read this blog will understand the intense pain that I felt at that moment. I groaned in agony and, not that you could tell in the shower, my eyes started watering. I moaned and whimpered in pain.

Jade, aware that something was wrong, asked, "Crying? Crying?"

I said, "Yes, I hurt."

Ever the considerate child, she asked, "Kiss better?"

I politely declined.

I'm still having trouble walking.


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That about sums it up.