December 30, 2008

Visiting Whitehorse in Winter: Where to go.

Do you live in Whitehorse? Have your in-laws come to visit during the Christmas Holidays? Is it too cold outside and you're left wondering what to do with them? Are you discovering that all of the galleries and museums that you love are are closed for the holidays or are on winter hours that don't fit with your schedule? Don't fret, because there's still a place you can take them to experience a little bit of local culture: The Yukon Brewing Company.

I'm not a beer drinker myself, but if your guests are they'll love the free tour of the brewery - not to mention the free samples.  And the free samples.  And the free samples.  And the free samples. And the free samples.  And the free samples.  And the free samples.  (They're pretty generous with their free samples). Oh, and did I mention the tour?  Who knew that brewing and canning and bottling could be so fascinating?!

Yes, the Yukon Brewing Company is going to become a part of my regular Whitehorse tour when I have visitors.  The giant copper nugget and the log skyscrapers are pretty neat, but they don't have free samples.

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1234567890 said...

Agreed! Sampling great beer is never a bad idea. I think I've taken enough people on that tour that I could probably give it myself.