November 24, 2008

Time Machine

As a treat to myself, I borrowed some Astro Boy DVDs from our local library.  (I love our local library, by the way.)

One dark morning, I sat down with a bowl of cereal and popped a DVD into the player.

I shoveled the cereal into my mouth and watched the screen as the opening credits started.  The room around me began to blur.  I'm pretty sure that neither time nor place were altered, but I was suddenly transported back to my childhood.  I felt like I was a kid again!  Not a care in the world!

Who needs miracle age-reducing drugs or a fountain of youth?  Not me.  All I need are fond memories and something to trigger them.

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Melissa said...

I used to watch Astroboy every morning before school, and then hurry home on lunch break to see Spiderman (the good old one lol not these new toons). Of course then I'd have to run all the way back in order to make it there in time without missing the ending where Peter Parker invariably shrugged off some crazy thing J. Jonah Jameson said. Don't even get me started on Robotech lol . . . .yeah I'm not showing my age here . . . much