November 29, 2008

A kid update.

It has been a while since I did a kid update.

Halia is eating, sleeping, pooping, growing, and discovering how to shove her hands into her mouth. I notice that her neck is getting pretty strong already. Her hair is getting really light-coloured and her eyes are turning blue.

Chillaxin' on Mama's lap.

Halia thinks deep thoughts in her sleep.

Jade is doing well. She's still having seizures and some days are better than others, but we're seeing progress in her development again. The ketogenic diet is definitely working, but I think that we need to do some more fine-tuning. She seems to crash in between meals. Maybe she needs more food to produce more ketones?

Today was not great seizure-wise, but it has been great, language-wise. She's repeating almost everything she hears and is using words that we didn't even know she knew.

Jade gets her first professional haircut from Cheryl.

It has been a little upsetting to me that she's almost three and still isn't potty trained, but she's had a pretty good excuse. She's making efforts, though, and today was a good example of that. We have her in panties almost all day now. She still isn't telling us when she needs to go to the potty, but she's taking control of the situation and is figuring out her own way to deal with nature's call.

This afternoon, when she had to go, instead of telling us, she improvised and made her own potty. Seriously. I didn't realize what she was doing when she took a puppy-training pad and put it over the musical instrument basket. With her pants still on, she squatted over the makeshift potty and went.

Other than the wet pants, I'd say it worked pretty well!

Jade's makeshift potty.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Okay- that makeshift potty idea was great!! What a smart girl you have there.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt be totally stressing over the whole potty thing. She gets it! Very neat idea with the homemade potty!
Remember she has been through alot and with a new baby in the house it could push back progress.
Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why it bothers you so much. As "C" says, she gets it. She's able to hold her bladder for a significant amount of time, she's excited about wearing panties rather than diapers, she's definitely starting to recognize when she needs to go, and she's trying to figure out how and when to communicate her need. she'll get there on her own time and it's not going to hold her back from much if it's later rather than sooner.

My 2 cents. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I wasn't fully potty-trained til my 4th birthday, on the eve of which Jade's great grandfather proclaimed, that if I kept wetting the bed at night, I would not turn 4 the next day. Harsh and cruel punishment, but it worked! Heredity has been known to skip a generation.

Meandering Michael said...

Fawn, it bothers me because diapers are EXPENSIVE and are a pain in the butt to have to carry around!

Anonymous said...

It's not too late to go with cloth diapers ...

but that being said, it looks like she's on the way, and she'll do it when she's ready. She sounds like a pretty smart girl, and she'll get tired of having wet underwear and work it out for herself.

That being said, parent hood is all about agonizing over the development of our children.

Meandering Michael said...

We were using cloth diapers until about a year ago (when she grew out of them). We didn't get bigger ones because, well, we thought she'd be potty trained by now.

She's smart and it's pretty obvious that she hates having wet pants. I am looking forward to that magical day when she's completely diaper-free.