November 15, 2008

The baby pool!

We may not have gotten the birthing pool ready in time for Nugget's birth, but that doesn't mean we didn't have a good little pool of another sort!  I think your guesses may have set a new "comments record" on Michael's Meanderings.

Judging the results proved to be more difficult than I anticipated.  One participant came within two minutes of correctly guessing Nugget's birth time and another participant came within one ounce of the correct birth weight.  I was hoping that I could break the tie by giving the GRAND PRIZE to the one that guessed the correct sex, but neither participant guessed the correct sex.  In fact, 73.7% of you guessed that Nugget was a boy.  Which, as we all know (now), she's not.  Don't feel too badly; I guessed that Nugget was a boy, too.

I guess it's only fair, then, to declare a tie in which the closest guessers must share the GRAND PRIZE!  I haven't figured out what the GRAND PRIZE is yet, so I'll choose something that can be shared.

Without further ado, here are the results:
     ACTUAL          CLOSEST GUESS          GUESSER      
WEIGHT7 lbs 5 oz7 lbs 4 ozKara

I've also decided to give a special award to the person who guessed the highest weight.  I know that I didn't say there was a prize for this, but I was so impressed (and so very glad that my wife DIDN'T have a baby of such gargantuan proportions) that I just couldn't resist.  The "SOMEBODY CALL A PLUMBER Award" goes to Allmycke.  Allmycke's guess was a whopping 6,250g (13 lbs 12.5 oz)!!!  Is that how big them make them in Sweeden?!

Chris, I know how to get your address.  Kara, I'll try to get your prize to you at the Spruce Bog Fair.  Allmycke, I've got something special for you but I'll need you to send me your address so I can mail the "SOMEBODY CALL A PLUMBER Award".  It might come in handy in your little apartment, especially when you have your two teenagers over.


Anonymous said...

Good Grief! My finger must have slipped - I meant to type in 3,250.
I MUST remember to proof read before I hit submit. (Said with crimson red cheeks)

Meandering Michael said...

Ha ha! I figured it must have been something like that. Nevertheless, if you send me a mailing address (I think you have my e-mail address from comments on your blog), I'll send you the "SOMEBODY CALL A PLUMBER Award".

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Score! I win! Well there is something else to add to good things that happened this weekend.

We will be back in town in 10 days for my ultrasound!