October 27, 2008

The way things stand.

It was a long night last night.

Fawn is still in the hospital. After running some tests, we know that Nugget is fine.


Fawn is still in a lot of pain, though. The doctors think it's kidney stones. They're hydrating her and helping her manage the pain. She says it's worse than labour. We're not sure how long she's going to be in the hospital. We're also not sure how things will go down if she goes into labour, but we'll cross that bridge if we come to it. Right now, we're hoping that, if it's stones, they'll pass. I just want her to stop hurting.

I'll keep you posted.

On a brighter note, Jade was a superstar for her first day of the Ketogenic Diet. As of this evening, she was in full-fledged ketosis. While she was tired this afternoon (a normal side-effect during the diet's introduction), we got to see the real Jade again this evening. She happily babbled and played. While she had some short myoclonic seizures, she didn't have a single drop seizure all day. One day and the diet is already working. I can't wait to see how things go the more we get into it.

So, that's the way things stand right now.

I'll post again tomorrow night.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Ohhh I was really thinking Nugget wanted to be a BC baby!!

Glad the first day of the keto diet went so well.

Hope Fawn feels better tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

I'm at a lack for words... You'd think you and Fawn have had more than enough to deal with without kidey stones. I agree with Fawn btw - it IS worse than labor!

Hurrah for the keto diet at least!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what labour feels like, but I remember the urologist telling me "as long as we can discuss it, the kidney stone is not really bad. If it were really bad, I'd have to scrape you off the ceiling before we could discuss anything".

There was never any "question", though, that there WAS a kidney stone, because you could see it half way down the ureter. I forgot whether with ultrasound or X-ray.

Since mom put us all on "Nierentee" every morning years ago, I've only had a minor brush, which might have been a false alarm in any event. And that's quite a few years. Important, because there seems to be a dietary component to kidney stones - at least some things help and some don't.

There is never good timing for kidney stones, but kidney stones in the final days of a pregnancy are particularly bad timing, not only because of misery at a particularly inappropriate time, but because pregnancy can limit therapeutic options.

Jade's great grandfather had an expression for situations like that "the devil always craps on a big heap". A bit off-colour, I suppose, but it fits.

Anonymous said...

PS: Cheers to our little superstar. Keep it up!

Malva said...

What a relief!

I mean, poor Fawn is in horrible pain, but I've yet to hear of anyone having long lasting bad things come from kidney stones.

And having had a kidney infection and given birth to two kids, the kidney thing definitely hurts more than labour.

And it's great that Jade seems to be getting immediate relief from the diet!