October 14, 2008

Post-election hangover.

I'm in Yellowknife right now, watching the post-election analysis in my hotel room.

While I enjoyed the political debate (when it was actually debate and not smearing or propaganda), am I the only person who thinks that a whole lot of taxpayer money was just blown on a senseless election?


Mongoose said...

No you're not. But I already thought that before the election.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't senseless for Harper - it got him the majority he wanted. God knows what that amoral %&£* is up to, but it will be for the good of Stephen Harper, not for Canada. Having heard that most PCs running were as muzzled as Darrel Pasloski was here, I'm appalled that Canadians got sucked in.

Anonymous said...

I should have looked the final results before I posted the message above - I quit watching in disgust long before it was over. The voter turnout might be a good indication that a lot of other people were disgusted by the whole nasty process.