August 01, 2008

The problem with hope... that it's so often accompanied by disappointment. It doesn't stop me from hoping, though. Other than early, early, this morning, Jade didn't have any seizures. This is no longer "normal". 

Could it be that the new medication is helping? 

Could she get through the entire day siezure-free?  If so, it would be the first day since May 24th without a seizure (or dozens of seizures).

Unfortunately, she just had one at 9:34.  She zoned out and then had a twitch.  It lasted all of three seconds, but it was a seizure.

Still, it has been a good day so far.  

I remain hopeful that there will be even better days to come.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think there were one or two days early on where we didn't see any seizures -- I'll have to go back through the log.

One of the things I've been thinking, but didn't end up putting in my last post is that hope (with disappointment) is tiring. But despair is exhausting.

Speaka said...

I really hope this medication is gonna do the trick. I feel for you guys...must be hard.