July 17, 2008

Take off, eh?

Last night, my brother asked me if I wanted to go flying. My brother's not a pilot, but he has a friend who is.

His friend wanted some pictures of his plane in flight, so he enlisted another friend to take a my brother up for a few of those arial photographs. There was an extra seat on the plane, hence the invitation.

How could I say no?

We flew around Fish Lake and then out to the Cousin's Airstrip before heading back to Whitehorse International.

I think I should learn how to fly - it might make those trips to the NWT even easier.

Here are a few pictures. Another, artsy-type posting with lots and lots of pictures will follow.

Tim and Brendan prepare to take off.

The dam at Schwatka Lake.

Flying in front of Grey Mountain

Tim takes a picture of me taking a picture of him.

Flying by Mount Granger.

Fish Lake.

Mountains behind Fish Lake.

Mountains behind Fish Lake.

Taking off from Cousins Airstrip.

A little plane.

Landing at Whitehorse International.

They thought it would cut fuel consumption in half...

...but it was only good for moving float planes around.

On the tarmac at YXY.

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